Image - Mill Pond In Winter

January 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Mill PondMill Pond


Mill Pond Creek
Winter, on Cape Cod.

In winter, making new post processing choices can give you pleasant surprises.
It's 9 Degrees, today, with winds blowing between 40 and 55 knots! That's Gale Force Winds! And the Wind Chill Temp is below ZERO!
So, that means, snap some quick shots, and get back to the fireplace.

The cold means more time in front of the computer, for me, and less outside. So, into Lightroom and Into Photoshop, I went.
I played around with Filters, and came up with a couple of unique images, from this one starting place.


Black and White is an obvious choice with snow and cold scenes. I used Nik's Silver Efx Pro. Lot's of contrast and structure to play with. But I wasn't thrilled, so I kept playing.

The Stark Black and White is nice, but I wanted some of the original cool colors still.
Simple solution, and one I think doesn't get enough attention, is to apply filters, but make the layer less than 100% opaque. I slip the slider to about 45% and it gives some of the structure and contrast of the Black and White and a little color, too!

Filters are fun, to play with. Personally, I like the image with full color, but in the end, get creative! The choice is yours!