Tutorial - Get Good Clouds!

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Red Sky At NightRed Sky At NightRed Sky At Night, Sailor's Delight. Sunset over Great Hollow, Truro MA, Cape Cod. © All Rights Reserved, Greg Poulos, Bluefin Studios. http://www.bluefinstudios.com

Red Sky At Night © Bluefin Studios

Get Good Clouds

If you shoot landscape and nature shots, you know, clouds can have a massive impact on the shot!

They provide impact, atmosphere and color, and of course, light. When the sun hits the clouds just right, you have massive softboxes, with colored light, and reflectors.


Rule Of Thirds

Remember the the basic Rule Of Thirds, when you compose your shot. Unless you don't. If you have great clouds, and a contrasting, interesting, foreground, then by all means, use the Rule Of Thirds. If, however, you only have great clouds, then compose mostly clouds, and cheat, using less than a third of image for clouds.


Be Lucky

Never forget the most important part of good clouds: Get Lucky! And by this, I mean, wait for it, use some cool apps to track the sun and cloud cover (there are great Radar Apps). Luck is for those who work for it.


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Get Lucky!


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