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Male Snowy OwlMale Snowy OwlMale Snowy Owl, Bubo scandiacus, at West Dennis Beach, Cape Cod, MA. #nature #birds #birding #capecod © All Rights Reserved, Greg Poulos, Bluefin Studios. http://www.bluefinstudios.com

Snowy Owl, West Dennis Beach, Cape Cod.
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Shooting Birds

I've really enjoyed this winter, making photos with Birds. 
It combines a few passions, Photography, Wildlife, and being outdoors.

But frankly, shooting birds (photography, not the other shooting) is a challenge. you need to be patient. 
You need the right lens... usually long lens and goo
d glass. So you need fast glass. You want to get close, and get the eyes in focus. 


Sea Star LunchSea Star LunchOn Great Hollow Beach, a Herring Gull, (Larus argentatus), caught a Sea Star (lunch). He'd pick it up, fly up, drop it onto the sand, drag it to dip in the water, peck at it, the do it again. Note: Sea Star started with 5 legs. Just finished 1... Eventually, he ate all the legs. © 2012 Greg Poulos, Bluefin Productions,Inc. http://bluefinstudios.zenfolio.com/

Sea Star Lunch! For this Herring Gull
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Capture a Moment!
Like this moment, when a Herring Gull found a Sea Star and made lunch of it!
Note that there are only Four legs. One was clearly the appetizer!


I'm not a birder; but, I love birds. In fact, I love all wildlife. 
Big game, small game, marine mammals, and birds. The natural world is important to me.

I want to bring that to everyone. I want to bring it to those that cannot get there.


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