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   Beaver BrookBeaver BrookBeaver Brook, Belmont MA

 A little Long Exposure from the Falls At Beaver Brook. Belmont MA.

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Making the Business of Photography in 2014 Better

OK, so New Year's Day, I made some notes about cool places and things I want to shoot in 2014. But we've all heard and we all know, being a successful photographer for a living is more than shooting. So Much More! The photography business is 20% shooting images and 80% other! Of that other, it's marketing, bookkeeping, sales, training, client meetings, phone calls, cleaning, repairs, office calls, planning, research, travel, and more. In other words, my list of goals for shooting is great... but only 20% complete if I want to get better in 2014!

So what's next?

Well, here it comes, the rest of the 80% I need to do to get better in 2014.


Business Planning

I need to finish the five year business plan. I need to finish the 2014 marketing plan.

I need to revisit my marketing plan for 2013, update it, and follow up on it.


I need to work on sales channels. 

How do I reach new clients? How do I reconnect with past clients? How do I let the images work harder? (Hint: Online sales?)


Sure, online training has been great! Continuing Ed is never a bad thing! I'll keep it up. But I also need to meet and be with professionals at conferences, and seminars in person. 

I need to get better at Post-Processing. There's never enough training and practice. I just need to do it more.


A Bit Of Fun

Sure, the 80% is not a bunch of fun. It's work. In fact, it's hard work. 

But there's some business I need to finish that's also fun! I need some new toys, as well.

I love renting gear, as much as the next guy (not really), but I'd like to own the gear.
I need a 400mm lens. Maybe the Nikon 400mm f2.8

I would love the Nikon 600mm f4

I have a new Superwide Zoom. I need to learn and get better at some Wide Angle shots of Landscapes.

I'd like to upgrade the tripod. I have a half dozen. Some super cheap. Some decent. But with more attention on landscape or wildlife, or long exposure waterfalls, I need a great, sturdy, lightweight tripod. That points to a Carbon Fiber. With a good ball head.

2014 and Beyond

So, yes, I have goals for shooting more. I have goals. But if I truly want to get better and be more successful as a photographer, I need to focus on the 80% first and foremost!


Here's The 2014 Shooting Goals


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