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Pamet Sunset

Pamet Harbor, Truro MA (Click for the image)

How do we, as photographers make sure that people will like our photos? We're insecure, and crave the love! We want to feel p[eople like our images! So how? By creating a connection with the viewer!


If you can make a photograph that creates some kind of emotional connection with the viewer, you’re a success! If the connection makes hundreds or thousands feel something even better! 


So what makes a good connection? Well, babies, and cute fluffy animals. Sure... but do you really want to only shoot that? I know I don't.

So I take pictures that make me feel good. If I feel good, chances are, someone else will feel a connection as well. If you look and see my collections, you'll notice I shoot a lot of ocean, sunsets, and beach scenes. People feel relaxed, and almost wistful, when they see a beach. They want to be there! And that's great: your viewers connect your images with a feeling.

Sunset on the beach is warmer, often softer light. It makes much of the image feel warm and inviting. People want to feel the warm sand and the setting sun on their face. They think back to when they were sitting, watching the sun set, and perhaps even who they were with.


By the way, it isn't only warm and happy that makes a connection. Bring emotion to your photos and people will respond. Connections... The more you can make with your viewers, the more people will like the image. 


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