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Pebbles On The Shore

Pebbles On Cape Cod (Available Here)


Time is most definitely in short supply these days.  If we don't make time, most of us photographers have difficulty finding time to schedule shooting.  If you don't shoot full time, there's work, home, family and more that get in the way. Still, if we want to get better, and I know I DO, we have to make time for photography.


Always Keep Your Camera With You

We can all relate to that sinking feeling of missing a great shot.  Opportunities don't come along every day - wait... actually they do! Carry your camera. You never know when that great shot may come your way.  Sometimes thee light is just right. Sometimes the right bunch of people make the right expression. As the great photographer, Wayne Gretzsky says, "You always miss 100% of the shots you don't take!"


Make Time

If you shoot landscapes, go. Get out there. No excuses. Get out and shoot. If you're an UrbEx kind of shooter, find that gritty spot and shoot. Get out on each holiday and shoot Parades. shoot the people watching the parade. Shoot Storms, or pets. Shoot something different. push your comfort level. No one on their death bed ever said, "I wish I spent less time shooting pictures."


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